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About Us and How We Help

Students with Friends specializes in both solution and prevention:


              Solution is to allow mental health experts to help those that are struggling to overcome their problems


              Prevention is making sure that depression and anxiety rates among teens go down, preventing students from ever even having to get help in the first place


              Many schools are already tirelessly trying to help students, and Students with Friends is committed to joining the fight with these schools


Our goals:


              1. Only ⅓ of students get help. We want to raise that number as high as possible, and, as students who have suffered from these same problems, we know why students do not get help. Many of those students who suffer from mental health problems are treated as outcasts within their own school and therefore keep their condition a secret. Making schools seem more inviting to these students is of utmost importance.


              2. The speculated leading causes of suicidal behavior are bullying and other underlying social problems. In order to prevent the problem of depression itself, bullying and hazing must be worked out of our schools. Bullying coincides with why students do not get help, as many fear the draconian social environment of most schools. The belief that bullying is an inevitable part of your academic life is a myth.


              3. Family problems are another leading cause of mental health problems. Students must feel invited to open up about these problems and allow experienced professionals to guide them through their troubles. 


              4. Many suffering students are interpreted as outcasts or view themselves as outcasts. Students who are alone at lunch and throughout the day are openly neglected by other students. Every student should have a friend, as many are unfortunately having their conditions worsened at school. By providing them with the means to make friends, many of these students have the potential to improve their mental health.


              5. When distance learning ends and everyone returns to school, nobody sits alone at lunch or at school. This coincides closely with #4 and #2, as many of these students are victims of bullying or the underlying social crises that plague our schools. 


We seek to achieve these goals with our analysis of historical solutions and with direct correspondence with the Bay Area’s esteemed schools.